Recipe: London Hearth

Well, I no longer seem to be actively carrying the plague, which is a tremendous improvement over the last two weeks. Now it’s just a bit of a cough which, frustratingly, insisted on manifesting itself onstage during performances of Much Ado About Nothing. But now that Ado is Adone, I can rest for a minute or two.

The problem with cold remedies is that they tend to require sleep after consumption. Even the most non-drowsy aids seem to always involve six fingers of whiskey as part of the recipe. It seems you have to have to balance your desire for taste, wakefulness, and health. To that end, I would like to propose the drink I’ve been consuming for the last two weeks.

I call it a London Hearth. It’s a twist on a London Smog, itself a twist on the London Fog.

It goes like this:

London Hearth (drink)

Earl Gray Tea

~20 oz Milk (Steamed, ideally)

Vanilla Syrup

2 Shots Espresso

1 Tablespoon Honey

Usually green tea is suggested for a cold, but I don’t know how it plays with the espresso. Earl Gray isn’t without its benefits, though, with various sources claiming that it’s good for digestion, anxiety, and fever-fighting. A London Fog is a latte made with Earl Gray instead of coffee, so, you want to steep the tea in the Earl Gray, and add a pump of vanilla syrup to smooth out the flavor. This is mostly for texture, rather than flavor.

A London Smog is a Fog that includes espresso. This will help keep you bright-tailed and bushy-eyed. Because we’re dealing with a fairly large drink (roughly 20 oz of milk) we want two shots of espresso.

Finally, the honey. This is what makes it a London Hearth. Honey is excellent for your heatlh, and if you don’t believe me, do a world’s-largest-search-engine search about it. Burden here is on you, friend. I will point this out though: if you can, use local honeys, they’ll help with your allergies.

Aaaand that’s the drink.

Meanwhile, Smilin’ Jaq chapter 12 is up today. Twelve. That’s three months I’ve been posting this thing, and even if the only person who’s dared read a single page was my proofreader, I’ve learned some things. We’re gearing up for the finale, but for right now you can catch up, or read the latest, here.

Paramount and CBS own this guy. But you know who he is.

Paramount and CBS own this guy. But you know who he is.