Concluded: Smilin' Jaq

So, that’s it. Smilin’ Jaq is complete. Thirteen chapters, plus epilogue, clocking in at about 44,000 words. Technically, that makes it a novel, not that anybody would buy it at that length. And probably no one would buy it anyway, since it’s free online, but still! Adventure!

Odd to think that in less than a year I’ve written two novel-length things. Jaq, and another. We’re coming up now on the time that I’ll take the other, and start cracking it open and screwing with the guts. Some people call this revision. I call it war on my own words, which are like unto squirrel-vomit. Just gotta find the gold in the squirrel-vomit.

The other? I’m glad you asked. It’s a supernatural detective story featuring a trans lead. Intrigued yet?

How am I? Drowning in stress, but that’s fine. I’m beginning preparation for playing Shylock on the stage this summer. Trying to find a job that will pay me reasonably well. I’m nearly done reading Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower”. Note that that’s quotes, not italics. I’m referring here to the series, not the novel. I’m nearly through the penultimate novel. Next up is the doorstopper called The Dark Tower, in italics.

What are you lot up to, you ghostly readers that probably don’t exist? Comment below if you exist.

Dod-a-cum. Did-a-chik. (Source: Costumes Galore)

Dod-a-cum. Did-a-chik. (Source: Costumes Galore)