October 2017: Signs

“There are so many things which are impossible to explain! Why should certain chords in music make me think of the brown and golden tints of autumn foliage? Why should the Mass of Sainte Cécile bend my thoughts wandering among caverns whose walls blaze with ragged masses of virgin silver? What was it in the roar and turmoil of Broadway at six o'clock that flashed before my eyes the picture of a still Breton forest where sunlight filtered through spring foliage and Sylvia bent, half curiously, half tenderly, over a small green lizard, murmuring: 'To think that this also is a little ward of God!'”

Robert Chambers, The Yellow Sign - 1895

Trivia: the first edition of The King in Yellow, Chambers' collection of stories which gave us the character of that name, bore a lizard insignia. Many people assumed this was the Yellow Sign of this story's title, but it was, in fact, the publisher's mark and was found in all of their books in that era.