October 2017: 'Salem's Lot

Halloween 2017, Day 2:

“Almost everyone thought the man and the boy were father and son.

They had crossed the country on a rambling southwest line in an old Citroën sedan, keeping mostly to secondary roads, traveling in fits and starts. They stopped in three places along the way before reaching their final destination: first in Rhode Island, where the tall man with the black hair worked in a textile mill; then in Youngstown, Ohio, where he worked for three months on a tractor assembly line; and finally in a small California town near the Mexican border, where he pumped gas and worked at repairing small foreign cars and an amount of success that was, to him, surprising and gratifying.”

Stephen King, ‘Salem’s Lot - 1975

I'm a fan of King's opening lines, and probably could have left today's quote at just that first sentence, but I like the second paragraph nearly as much. It introduces a notion that persists through the book: fits and starts. The book sees a cycle of just starting, then shifting. Sometimes shifting character focus, sometimes shifting POV, the book is constantly shifting, right up to the end.