October 2017: Gorey

"A is for Amy who fell down the stairs"
Edward Gorey, The Gashlycrumb Tinies - 1963

"Mr C(lavius) F(rederick) Earbrass is, of course, the well-known novelist. Of his books, 'A Moral Dustbin,' 'More Chains than Clank,' 'Was it Likely?,' and the Hipdeep trilogy are, perhaps, the most admired. Mr Earbrass is seen on the croquet lawn of his home, Hobbies Odd, near Collapsed Pudding in Mortshire. He is studying a game left unfinished at the end of summer."
Edward Gorey, The Unstrung Harp; or, Mr Earbrass Writes a Novel (in: Amphigorey) - 1972

A Gorey double-header to make up for missing yesterday due to space plague.

Speaking of which, I'm on day (counts fingers) 4 of space plague. Not hallucinating much anymore, which is to the good, and ibuprofen means it doesn't hurt to swallow. The glowing green toenails are worrying but ultimately easy to put out of mind.